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Chelsea’s Hot Fudge Sauce

1 Jan

Boy did I like putting the title image for THIS post together! In order to have some natural light, it’s best to do blog pictures during the day, but in my family, we don’t usually do mid-afternoon bowls of ice cream. So, I made this fudge sauce a week ago, stuck it in the fridge, and waited. Waited until an afternoon bowl of ice cream sounded like the perfect thing. Waited until I was stuck to my laptop writing a paper due in the beginning of January. Waiting until I needed that little pick-me-up. Then I pulled out the ice cream, microwaved some fudge sauce, and crushed up a candy cane (have to use up those leftovers!). I admit it. I rushed through photographing the bowl of ice cream just so I could get on to eating it. This stuff is just that good. Continue reading