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Katie’s Chocolate Truffles

30 Dec

While we were on break, Katie and I cooked from our respective kitchens…after all, who wants a month-long lapse in blog updates? Here’s Katie’s post:

“So during finals week I was watching Food Network, as usual and Ina Garten had a holiday special where she baked yummy treats that could be given as presents. I always love giving food/baked goods as presents, so I decided to momentarily skip on the studying and pay attention. Continue reading



26 Dec

So, between Christmas with all its wonderful busy-ness, my Grandma from California’s visit, and a bona fide SNOW DAY I haven’t been updating. Life is just too exciting to be in front of a computer screen! Continue reading

Mexican Chicken Soup

20 Dec

To me, nothing says “comfort food” like a big pot of soup. Especially this soup. Growing up in southern California, and with parents who LOVE Mexican restaurants, it’s hard to avoid a good appreciation for Mexican food, Tex-Mex and otherwise. This soup is a tried-and-true favorite, something my mom would make in big quantities, then freeze to send up with me to college. Having discovered just how easy this recipe is, I feel like it’s the perfect food to make in the dorm. Continue reading

“Just in case it worked” Peppermint Marshmallow Bark

16 Dec

The name really does say it all. Katie and I were finishing up the marshmallow pops from the previous post when we realized we had leftovers. This was call for us to get creative, so, “just in case it worked” we created a recipe for peppermint marshmallow bark, just in case YOU had extras from making our marshmallow pops. The bark really turns out well, for being pretty impromptu. Continue reading

Chocolate dipped Marshmallow pops

15 Dec

The idea for this project came from my science professor’s wife. On the last day of class, she brought in homemade marshmallow pops for us students. The gesture was so sweet, and the final product was so cute that I knew I needed to put these easy treats on the blog. I didn’t have an actual recipe, but it wasn’t hard to come up with one…I just wandered the grocery store and the Michaels until I’d found everything I thought I’d need.

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White Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti Bites

8 Dec

Since the snowy Saturday when Katie and I decided to start the blog, the weather has taken a turn for the colder. Running from class to class trying to avoid the chill, arriving with watering eyes and stinging ears…needless to say, a warm evening in the kitchen sounded like the perfect remedy. Even better was Katie’s choice to bake pistachio biscotti for her Italian class. Best of all, though, were the bags of chocolate chips, both white and dark, with which we garnished the biscotti.

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